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Greens show their true colours in Brighton

Christina Summers

It is fair to say that Christina Summers is not the average Green Party councillor. A Christian who is informed by her faith on social issues, she has stated her opposition to abortion and gay marriage. Quite what she’s doing in the far left Green Party in the first place is a bit of a mystery, and it now seems her fellow party members are also wondering.

Brighton and Hove City Council, which is controlled by a minority Green administration, recently held a vote on a motion in support of the government’s plan to introduce gay marriage. The vote was, of course, meaningless. Brighton and Hove City Council does not have any jurisdiction over marriage law, and the motion was really just a way for councillors to show off how “progressive” they all are while not having the responsibility of actually changing anything.

It is rather surprising, however, that the only councillor who voted against the motion was in the Green Party. No one even in the Conservative group dared criticise the motion. Miss Summers said that she strongly supported gay rights, and supported civil partnerships, but she did not think that equality meant redefining marriage.

No matter what your views on the issue, it is hard to argue that such a position is hateful, bigoted or “homophobic” (well, actually it could be, seeing as social liberals redefine those words on a daily basis to encompass ever more dissenting views). Needless to say, the tolerant and progressive Green Party are not happy. Miss Summers’ colleagues voted to launch an “official enquiry process” into her views and accused her of “bringing the party into disrepute”.

Miss Summers’ crime was to express a widely held view, in a perfectly moderate fashion, in a free vote. She voted with her conscience in a vote where voting with one’s conscience was supposedly allowed, and for that her party is punishing her.

Curiously, during the meeting, councillors praised her principled stance and the Green group leader said, “I respect every member’s right to freedom of expression in this chamber. We’re also all free to disagree… As a party we celebrate diversity.” Things are clearly very different behind closed doors.

It isn’t just her party that is bullying her either. The Leftwing Lynch Mob has been on her tail, sending her a deluge of emails accusing her of “homophobia”, having a mental illness and calling her a “fascist”.  It is hard to know which of these accusations is more ill considered, but the claim that she is mentally ill is especially sinister. If you label your opponent as mad then you don’t have to bother debating their view. You can just write them off until they have had ‘treatment’ for their illness and come round to the ‘sane’ way of thinking. Such are the tactics of “social liberals”.

The Telegraph quotes Miss Summers as saying, “The response to the way I debated and voted against [the motion] has been very vicious, but it doesn’t surprise me because whenever I or any Christian touches on issues of life or identity it does elicit a very, very violent response with very strong accusatory language.”

It seems that councillors in the Green Party must put the party line before individual conscience. Meanwhile Britain’s Christians (and there are still a lot of them), know exactly what this supposedly friendly, diverse party really thinks of them.

The Greens are of course a party of the radical left, and it is a wonder that someone with Christina Summers’ socially conservative views would join it in the first place, but the way they have treated her is telling. This is the future for Britain’s social conservatives.

All in the name of progress, of course.


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