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Hereditary Peer Facts

There are currently 103 hereditary peers left in the House of Lords.

Of these, 90 are elected under the provisions of the House of Lords Act 1999, two are royal office holders who hold their seats ex-officio and eleven sit by virtue of holding life peerages.

Of the 90 elected peers, 42 are elected by Conservative hereditary peers, 28 are elected by Crossbench hereditary peers, three are elected by Liberal Democrat hereditary peers and two are elected by Labour hereditary peers, while the remaining 15 are elected by the whole House.

Excluding those peers currently on Leave of Absence, their current party affiliation is:

  • 52 Conservative
  • 30 Crossbench
  • 8 Labour
  • 7 Liberal Democrat
  • 1 UKIP
  • 1 unaffiliated

Excluding the peers currently on leave of Absence, their ranks are:

  • 1 Duke
  • 1 Marquess
  • 27 Earls
  • 19 Viscounts
  • 51 Barons (including 2 Scottish Lords of Parliament)

There are four hereditary peers currently on Leave of Absence. They are Lord Bridges (Crossbench), the Marquess of Cholmondeley (Crossbench), the Duke of Norfolk (Crossbench) and the Marquess of Salisbury (Conservative).

The House of Lords Act 1999 had the effect of significantly reducing the number of female hereditary peers in the House of Lords. There are currently two female hereditary peers remaining in the chamber: the Countess of Mar and Lady Saltoun, both Crossbenchers. Lady Saltoun is also one of two remaining Scottish Lords of Parliament in the House. A third female hereditary peer, Baroness Darcy de Knayth, died in 2008.

The full list of hereditary peers remaining in the House of Lords (Those in italics are on Leave of Absence):

Title Party Status
Aberdare, Baron Crossbench Elected
Addington, Baron Lib Dem Elected
Allenby of Megiddo, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Arran, Earl of Conservative Elected
Ashton of Hyde, Baron Conservative Elected
Astor of Hever, Baron Conservative Elected
Astor, Viscount Conservative Elected
Attlee, Earl Conservative Elected
Avebury, Baron Lib Dem Elected
Baldwin of Bewdley, Earl Crossbench Elected
Berkeley, Baron Labour Life Peer
Brabazon of Tara, Baron Non-aligned Elected
Bridgeman, Viscount Conservative Elected
Bridges, Baron Crossbench Elected
Brookeborough, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Brougham and Vaux, Baron Conservative Elected
Caithness, Earl of Conservative Elected
Carington, Baron Conservative Life Peer
Cathcart, Earl Conservative Elected
Chandos, Viscount Labour Life Peer
Cholmondeley, Marquess of Crossbench Ex Officio
Chorley, Baron Crossbench Elected
Clancarty, Earl of Crossbench Elected
Cobbold, Baron Crossbench Elected
Colville of Culross, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Colwyn, Baron Conservative Elected
Courtown, Earl of Conservative Elected
Craigavon, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Crathorne, Baron Conservative Elected
Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of Conservative Life Peer
de Mauley, Baron Conservative Elected
Denham, Baron Conservative Elected
Dundee, Earl of Conservative Elected
Eccles, Viscount Conservative Elected
Elton, Baron Conservative Elected
Erroll, Earl of Crossbench Elected
Falkland, Viscount Lib Dem Elected
Ferrers, Earl Conservative Elected
Freyberg, Baron Crossbench Elected
Geddes, Baron Conservative Elected
Glasgow, Earl of Lib Dem Elected
Glenarthur, Baron Conservative Elected
Glentoran, Baron Conservative Elected
Goschen, Viscount Conservative Elected
Grantchester, Baron Labour Elected
Greenway, Baron Crossbench Elected
Grenfell, Baron Labour Life Peer
Hanworth, Viscount Labour Elected
Henley, Baron Conservative Elected
Home, Earl of Conservative Elected
Howe, Earl Conservative Elected
Hylton, Baron Crossbench Elected
Inglewood, Baron Conservative Elected
Lindsay, Earl of Conservative Elected
Listowel, Earl of Crossbench Elected
Liverpool, Earl of Conservative Elected
Lothian, Marquess of Conservative Life Peer
Lucas, Baron Conservative Elected
Luke, Baron Conservative Elected
Lyell, Baron Conservative Elected
Lytton, Earl of Crossbench Elected
Mancroft, Baron Conservative Elected
Mar and Kellie, Earl of Lib Dem Life Peer
Mar, Countess of Crossbench Elected
Methuen, Baron Lib Dem Elected
Montagu of Beaulieu, Baron Conservative Elected
Montgomery of Alamein, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Montrose, Duke of Conservative Elected
Moran, Baron Crossbench Elected
Moynihan, Baron Conservative Elected
Norfolk, Duke of Crossbench Ex Officio
Northbourne, Baron Crossbench Elected
Northbrook, Baron Conservative Elected
Palmer, Baron Crossbench Elected
Peel, Earl Conservative Elected
Ponsonby of Shulbrede, Baron Labour Life Peer
Rea, Baron Labour Elected
Reay, Lord Conservative Elected
Redesdale, Baron Lib Dem Life Peer
Rosslyn, Earl of Crossbench Elected
Rotherwick, Baron Conservative Elected
Salisbury, Marquess of Conservative Life Peer
Saltoun, Lady Crossbench Elected
Sandwich, Earl of Crossbench Elected
Selborne, Earl of Conservative Elected
Selsdon, Baron Conservative Elected
Shrewsbury, Earl of Conservative Elected
Simon, Viscount Labour Elected
Skelmersdale, Baron Conservative Elected
Slim, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Snowdon, Earl of Crossbench Life Peer
St John of Bletso, Baron Crossbench Elected
Stair, Earl of Crossbench Elected
Strathclyde, Baron Conservative Elected
Swinfen, Baron Conservative Elected
Tenby, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Trefgarne, Baron Conservative Elected
Trenchard, Viscount Conservative Elected
Ullswater, Viscount Conservative Elected
Walpole, Baron Crossbench Elected
Waverley, Viscount Crossbench Elected
Willoughby de Broke, Baron UKIP Elected
Younger of Leckie, Viscount Conservative Elected

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